Adult Dentistry

What is general dentistry, anyway?

Well for one, it is not specialty dentistry. For example, an orthodontist only straightens teeth with braces, he does not do fillings, extractions, or cleanings, only braces. Root canal specialists or endodontists only do root canals, a very specialized, or limited form of dentistry. General dentists perform extractions, biopsies, root canals, crowns, dentures, and cosmetics.

At Cypress Creek Family Dentistry, all adults see Dr. Christopher Hoppe for their dental needs. He is the resident general dentist. He is very experienced in handling all manner of complex dental problems as well as providing straightforward preventive care for his patients.

Dr. Hoppe takes pride in providing top quality dental care for his patients that will last for many years.

He is also comedic, telling funny jokes and stories all the time.

Well ……… least HE thinks they are funny.