Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Jennifer Hoppe and her staff want to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to our office. It is our priority to meet all of your child’s dental needs in a relaxed and fun environment designed especially for children. Dr. Jennifer’s priority is to provide gentle dental care for children as young as one year of age and establish a lifelong association of dental visits as a positive experience.

We built our office by Elizabeth Milburn park to be close to your home and your children’s schools. It should be easy and fun for your children to visit the dentist. We are pleased to be your neighbor!

You can help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles by starting dental visits early. Please schedule a visit to the dentist by your child’s first birthday. Children should visit the dentist every 6 months. Set a good example by brushing your own teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly.

Every child is different and will be treated as an individual in our office. Generally on the first visit Dr. Jennifer will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums, checking for decay and other problems. She will want to know of any concerns or questions you have.

We want that first experience with us to be stress free and fun, so unless there is an urgent need,
the first appointment is kept to a bare minimum. Obviously older children will receive a more thorough examination including x-rays and cleaning by the dental hygienist.